Help us brighten up the holiday season

Every year, our Holiday Giving program brings hope to families and teens in District 196 during what is often a very difficult and dark season.

We are pleased to announce that we have pledged to support 25 families and 35 teens in District 196 this year. Nominated families will receive a basket of household essentials and a gift card bundle that can be used to purchase gifts and groceries. Nominated teens will receive a basket of teen essentials and gift cards.

The link below will take you to a sign-up page where you can read about each family and teen that has been nominated and choose how you would like to support them. Got questions? Keep scrolling to see a list of our most commonly asked questions about Holiday Giving.

The deadline for dropping off your donation is December 7. You can view a list of drop sites at the bottom of the sign-up page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the recipients selected? Do the families and teens ask to be a part of Holiday Giving?

The families and teens that receive our Holiday Giving baskets do not ask to be part of the program. They are nominated by a Community Advocate who feels that they are deserving of an unexpected gift of kindness this holiday season. Most of our recipients have faced extremely difficult circumstances throughout the last year and have persevered in spite of them.

In many cases, the family or teen does not even know that they have been nominated for Holiday Giving. As a result, the gift bundles are usually a complete surprise!

Why is the deadline so early?

Our gift bundles are meant to empower families and teens to purchase their own gifts and food for the holiday season. Because of this, we need to collect donations early enough so that we can sort and distribute the bundles to the families/teens by mid-December, giving them time to do their own shopping and holiday preparations. Our donation drop-off deadline this year is December 7.

 Why do you ask for gift cards?

Moms & Neighbors strives to protect the dignity and privacy of our recipients in all we do. Empowering families and teens to purchase their own gifts is one way we can do this as it gives them both the dignity and the joy of selecting gifts that their loved ones will enjoy. The gift cards suggested for each family or teen have all been selected by the Community Advocate as ones that will best serve the needs of the nominated teens and families. Finally, many of our nominees are in unstable housing situations, which makes giving physical items more of a burden than a help.

If I sign up to donate multiple gift cards, can I donate one gift card for the total amount instead?

Maybe. If, for example, you sign up for two $25 gift cards to Target for Family #38, you can donate one $50 Target gift card instead. However, if you sign up for one $25 Target gift card for Family #38 and one $25 Target gift card for Family #42, please purchase two separate $25 Target gift cards so that we can ensure that each family gets the right amount of support.