Who We Are

Our organization is made up of Kindness Ambassadors and Board members. These volunteers work together to help us meet the needs of teens and families in District 196.

Meet the Board

Our Board members educate the community about what we do and work to raise the money it takes to support our organization financially. They also vote on every request that we receive to ensure that it aligns with the mission of our organization.

Becky Marks, President
Tracey Caffrey, Member at Large
Karla Keller, Purchaser
Open, Kindness Ambassador Co-Coordinator
Lady Debbie Stovall, Treasurer
Jessica Theisen, Purchaser
Lynn Tingle, Kindness Ambassador Co-Coordinator

Kindness Ambassadors

Each school in District 196 is assigned a Kindness Ambassador (KA). The KA acts as a liaison between the school and the Board, gathering information about the family or teen nominated for assistance and presenting it to the Board for review and approval.



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families and teens helped in 2018-19


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